Optical Gain and Lasing in Low Dimensional Silicon: The Quest for an Injection Laser

  • Lorenzo Pavesi
Part of the Nanostructure Science and Technology book series (NST)


In this chapter, I review the various approaches to achieve an injection laser by using low dimensional or nanostructured silicon. After an initial discussion of the basic on light amplification and gain in semiconductor, I consider the limitations of silicon, in particular its band structure. Then, I present the experimental data about the observation of optical gain in silicon nanocrystals, in Er3+ ions coupled to silicon nanocrystals, in nanopatterned silicon on insulator and in nano-porous silicon impregnated by dyes. Finally I draw some conclusions on the perspectives to build a nano-silicon laser.


Radiative Lifetime Auger Recombination Internal Quantum Efficiency Optical Gain Light Emit Device 
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It is a pleasure to thank the hard work of my coworkers and students. The support of EC through the SEMINANO (FP6-505285), PHOLOGIC (FP6-017158), and SINERGIA (FP5-29650)/LANCER (FP6-033574) projects and of the MIUR through the Italy-Spain linkage grant is acknowledged


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