Specification for Designing Web-Based Training Courses and an Application Model Based on IT

  • Michal Kuciapski


The aim of the article is to propose a specification for designing web-based training courses and a general application model created on the basis of the design system drawn up. The application will be able to create prototypes of modules and courses based on their design. It will also generate multimedia design documentation for development. The starting point of the article is an analysis of the problems associated with the lack of standards and applications for the design and production of web-based training courses. The concept of a specification system for designing web-based training courses is described in the second part. The last part of the article presents guidelines and a general model of the application for the process of instructional design. The application functions are modelled on the basis of the specification for instructional design and the aim is to accelerate the development of courses. The article is based on the author's three-year experience of instructional design linked to e-learning project work and on individual research into the specifications of other instructional designers for e-learning module projects.


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