Updates to the MSFC Meteoroid Stream Model

  • Danielle E. MoserEmail author
  • William J. Cooke
Chapter 2: Observation Techniques and Programs


The Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Meteoroid Stream Model simulates particle ejection and subsequent evolution from comets in order to provide meteor shower forecasts to spacecraft operators for hazard mitigation and planning purposes. The model, previously detailed in Moser and Cooke (Earth Moon Planets 95, 141 (2004)), has recently been updated; the changes include the implementation of the RADAU integrator, an improved planetary treatment, and the inclusion of general relativistic effects in the force function. The results of these updates are investigated with respect to various meteoroid streams and the outcome presented.


Aurigids Comet ejection Draconids Leonids Meteor shower Meteoroids Model predictions Numerical integration Perseids Stream model 


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