Multi-station Video Orbits of Minor Meteor Showers

  • José M. MadiedoEmail author
  • Josep M. Trigo-Rodríguez
Chapter 1: Meteor Shower Activity, Forecasting, Dust Orbits


During 2006 the SPanish Meteor Network (SPMN) set up three automated video stations in Andalusia for increasing the atmospheric coverage of the already existing low-scan-rate all-sky CCD systems. Despite their initially thought complementary nature, sensitive video cameras have been employed to setup an automatic meteor detection system that provides valuable real-time information on unusual meteor activity, and remarkable fireball events. In fact, during 2006 SPMN video stations participated in the detection of two unexpected meteor outbursts: Orionids and Comae Berenicids. The three new SPMN stations guarantee almost a continuous monitoring of meteor and fireball activity in Andalusia (Spain) and also increase the chance of future meteorite recoveries. A description of the main characteristics of these new observing video stations and some examples of the trajectory, radiant and orbital data obtained so far are presented here.


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