The Lyrid Meteor Stream: Orbit and Structure

  • Vladimir PorubčanEmail author
  • Leonard Kornoš
Chapter 1: Meteor Shower Activity, Forecasting, Dust Orbits


A filamentary structure in the Lyrid meteor stream based on photographic orbits available in the IAU Meteor database is identified and studied. About 17 Lyrids are found in the database and the stream mean orbit is derived. The shower radiant is compact, of a size 2° × 1.5°. Applying a stricter limiting value for the Southworth-Hawkins D-criterion, two distinct filaments in the stream, on a short and a long period orbit, are separated. To confirm their consistency as filaments, their orbital evolution over 5,000 years is investigated.


Lyrid meteor stream Meteoroids Photographic meteor orbits 


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