Why Are People Uninsured?

  • Nancy J. Johnson


Lisa and Gary are responsible parents and follow the advice of their pediatrician in raising their two young children. They do not have access to employer group insurance in that Gary is self-employed as a music production supervisor and Lisa is at home with the children. However, as careful healthcare consumers, they purchased individual premiums for each of them as well as each of the children. Then last spring, they received a rejection notice from their insurance company for the youngest child. The reason was a congenital hip misalignment of their 18- month daughter, which the pediatrician had determined ‘minor’ and most likely ‘temporary’. However, the insurance company determined the baby ‘uninsurable’ due to the need for monitoring and radiology services. Since then, they have not been able to replace the insurance coverage for their young daughter and she is ineligible for government-funded health programs due to the family’s income.


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