Women and Asthma

  • Jan Warren-Findlow
  • Larissa R. Brunner Huber
  • Melanie J. Rouse
  • Andrew Harver


This chapter focuses on women who have asthma, the factors that influence the onset and exacerbation of asthma in women, and the resulting health consequences of the disease and its treatments. Research on women’s health is frequently deficient because we fail to separate out the effects of sex, defined as female biology, and gender, the socially constructed roles and behaviors that women perform (Krieger 2003); thus many studies use the terms “sex” and “gender” interchangeably (Krieger 2003; Phillips 2005). Few researchers have successfully wrestled with how to measure the social construct of gender and how it affects women’s health and their coping responses to disease states (Phillips 2005). This is particularly important because of the vast political, economic, and social power differentials between women and men that affect women’s access to health care and contribute to the feminization of poverty (Phillips 2005; World Health Organization 1998). Both sex and gender have a significant influence on women’s exposure to disease risk factors, disease outcomes, health seeking behaviors, and the ability to follow treatment regimens (Krieger 2003). These issues make sex and gender particularly relevant with respect to asthma in women (Clark et al. 2008; McCallister and Mastronarde 2008; Melgert et al. 2007; Postma 2007).


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