Group Identity in Aquatic Animals: Learning to Belong

  • Luis P. Villarreal

Goals of this Chapter

Immunity and Group Identity in Marine Animals

The goal of this chapter is to trace the continuing development of group identity and immunity from worms to vertebrate fish, a path that leads to the terrestrial tetrapods and eventually to humans. The origins of animal group identity systems in the oceans will be our focus. The oceans present a specific habitat and ecology that were initially crucial in molding the systems used for animal group identity and immunity. A water media promotes various specific types of mechanisms used for group identity, such as water soluble molecules used for olfaction, vision and sound; all transmit information in the oceans. Our objective is to trace the origins and evolution of social identity that led to the evolution of bony fish. Teleost fish show some significant changes in group behavior compared to their jawless ancestors. They often live in large shoals, thus they display expanded tendencies toward social or group behaviors....


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