Sensory Systems (Light, Odor, Pheromones) in Communities of Oceanic Microbes

  • Luis P. Villarreal

Microbiology and Sensory Light Detection of the Oceans

Cyanobacteria are ubiquitous photosynthetic bacteria found in the oceans. They are also photosynthetic. In addition, the phage that infect them are also abundant. These phototactic and phototactic bacteria are only part of a much larger aquatic micro-ecosystem that also responds to light. Recent large-scale shotgun sequencing projects have started to more quantitatively estimate the microbiological makeup of the oceans (such as the Sargasso Sea). From these studies, a clear picture emerges. Various members of the proteobacteria dominate this ecology (α > δ > β proteobacteria). This bulk of proteobacteria is followed by cyanobacteria in prevalence. Thus, gram-negative bacteria (such as Vibrio species) are present in the greatest numbers. As previously mentioned, the photosynthetic component of this microbiological biomass is dominated by Prochlorococcus and Synechococcuscyanobacteria. However, the distribution of genetic parasites...


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