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As a result of my early illnesses and the move to Williamsport, I had lost a full academic year of schooling compared to my age-mates. My mother then took a position in Delaware, Ohio. I realized at once that what they were studying was material I had already covered. Arrangements were made to give me special state examinations to see whether I could skip the eighth grade. I did well in all but perhaps English. And so I started the ninth grade several weeks late.

Nothing was any trouble except Latin. Starting several weeks behind, I had a great deal of memorizing to do, and Latin was all I ever worked on in study halls. The competition in the school was stronger than I had met elsewhere, because a great many of the children were related to people from Ohio Wesleyan University. Some were related to the staff, and others were children of missionaries who had returned for a sabbatical year. In this atmosphere so favorable to academia, lots of pupils thought that learning was something to like, that they were good at it, and that it would pay off. Many had special talents.


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