Completing the Doctorate

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When Virginia and I came back to Princeton after WWII, she again became Merrill Flood’s secretary, and I was to write my dissertation. Social life in Princeton burgeoned, and both duplicate bridge and folk dancing were all the rage. Virginia was most pleased to participate in the folk dancing. She had always enjoyed dancing, and the folk dancing had the advantage that it started early in the evening and was over early so that it did not intrude on her resting hours—she was an early riser and had to get to work first thing in the morning. Duplicate bridge started rather late because it did not begin until all players were assembled—and some were always late; and then when playing was over, we were still not finished because it took an endless time to make the calculations required for the scoring. Players did not know how well they had done, or at least not usually because we were not allowed to talk about what had happened at the various tables for fear of giving information to others who had not yet played the hands.


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