Graduate Schools: Carnegie and Princeton

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All through my undergraduate years, Carnegie had not had a winning football team although it had some first-class players. Two of these players—Kawchak (a guard) and Miskeviks (a center)—were in my class, majoring in mathematics. They were not only first-class players, but they were also doing satisfactory work in the mathematics department. In one year or another each was mentioned on an All-American team. After we graduated, Carnegie decided to have a further fling at big-time football and had recruited many bright small players to the team. In the year I was in graduate school at Carnegie, they won practically all their games. They went to the Sugar Bowl. I was one of the tutors in mathematics for the members of the team. What impressed me was that these athletes needed very little help. They were strong students and mainly just needed time with their books to do well. And so it was enjoyable to tutor them.


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