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While most of this book has been aimed at providing general advice, this chapter looks at a set of specific topics. The principles explained in previous chapters are used throughout this one, but the purpose of this chapter is not to give general insights, but instead to provide details on how to visualize time in two specific contexts. The first context is that of large data sets. If large volumes of data are being collected, it is almost certain that there is a temporal component – after all, there is typically a limit on how much data can be collected all at once, and even if you are only collecting a few rows of data every minute, then those intervals add up over the decades. The second topic concerns time events that have strong structural relationships, and where the main goal is to visualize the relationships between the data items rather than the data items themselves. In most of the book our goal has been to discover patterns in the data; this chapter focuses on presenting known patterns so as to learn from them.


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