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Patsy Tombaugh was delighted when, just over 6 months after the tumultuous planetary elections in Prague, Pluto was promoted again – at least locally. The 94-year-old widow of Pluto-discoverer Clyde Tombaugh was in the public gallery with her daughter Annette in Santa Fe when House Joint Memorial 54 was unanimously adopted by the 70 members of the House of Representatives of the State of New Mexico. It was March 13, 2007, 77 years after Pluto’s discovery had been announced by Lowell Observatory. According to the memorial, submitted by Democratic representative Joni Marie Gutierrez from Mesilla, the State of New Mexico (where Clyde and Patsy had lived most of their lives) fully recognized Pluto’s planetary status. And it had officially designated March 13, 2007 as ‘Planet Pluto Day.’


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