Nanostructured Magnetic Sensors

  • Manuel Vázquez
  • Aqustina Asenjo
  • Maria del Puerto Morales
  • Kleber Roberto Pirota
  • Giovanni Badini-Confalonieri
  • Manuel Hernández-Vélez


The world of sensors is characterized by a large variety of devices, appropriately selected to answer the needs to detect different external conditions. For instance, multitudes of thermal sensors are present as contact and non-contact sensors, devices based on the measure of heat flux or temperature changes, and basic sensing technologies for temperature probes include thermocouple [1], thermistor [2], solid state [3] and fibre optic [4]. Magnetic sensors are equally variegated in their types and shapes according to the different physical principles they make use of: from those that are actuated by the presence of a permanent magnet, where their operating principle is based on the use of reed contacts, to fluxometric sensors which use the voltage induced by the changes in permeability of a ferromagnetic core.


Magnetic Nanoparticles Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Magnetic Recording Magnetic Sensor Magnetic Force Microscope 
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