Nanosensors: Controlling Transduction Mechanisms at the Nanoscale Using Metal Oxides and Semiconductors

  • Teresa Andreu
  • Jordi Arbiol
  • Andreu Cabot
  • Albert Cirera
  • Joan Daniel Prades
  • Francisco Hernandez-Ramírez
  • Albert Romano-Rodríguez
  • Joan R. Morante


Nanotechnology is defined as the design and engineering of functional materials and devices through control of matter in dimensions of roughly 1–100 nm, where unique phenomena enable novel applications [1]. While nanotechnology allows us to take advantage of these exclusive phenomena and related properties, it offers us new possibilities and relationships among the different multidisciplinary effects. Nanotechnology not only occupies the fields of material science and engineering but also applies to fundamental physics, chemistry and biology. Figures 5.1–5.3 show examples of functional semiconductor nanostructures.


Nanoscale Level Surface Plasmon Wave Single Nanowire Individual Nanowires Photoconductive Gain 
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