Microengine Fabrication

  • Hanqing Li
  • Martin Schmidt
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In this chapter, we will talk about the fabrication of the microengine devices using micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology. MEMS is an enabling technology based on the mature semiconductor fabrication technologies and has been widely used in making microscale devices such as sensors, actuators, RF communication devices, microfluidic devices, biology, and medical devices. The progress in MEMS technology, especially deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) and wafer bonding, in batch fabricating 3D structures at micrometer precision using Si wafers, an excellent structural material, gives birth to the concept of microengine devices for propulsion and power generation. The development of microengine devices also contributed in return to the understanding of the fundamentals of DRIE process [1–8] and improvement in multilayer bonding of heavily fabricated Si wafers [9–12].


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