An RDF modification protocol, based on the needs of editing Tools

  • Fredrik Enoksson
  • Matthias Palmér
  • Ambjörn Naeve

The use of RDF on the web is increasing, unfortunately the amount of editing tools suitable for end users without knowledge of technicalities of the language are not so common. We believe that a vital ingredient for the editing tools to flourish is a working remote modification protocol. This will allow editing tools to be developed separately from triple-stores and make them more flexible and reusable. Several initiatives for remote modification exist already but have not gained wide-spread adoption. In this paper we will show that most of them fall short when it comes to edit arbitrary RDF constructs, especially in combination with typical requirements of editing tools. We will first list these requirements, then propose a solution that fulfills them and finally outline an implementation. With this implementation we will also demonstrate how Annotation Profiles, a configuration mechanism for RDF metadata editors, has the additional feature of making modification requests very precise.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Royal Institute of Technology(KTH/CSC)LindstedtsvSweden

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