Beijing International IT R&D Hub IT R&D Hub

  • Zhao Jing-Yuan


With the trend of globalization and internationalization of multinational enterprises R&D activities, more and more multinational enterprises transfer their R&D activities to Beijing. The paper focus on Beijing’s location advantage to establish international IT R&D hub, explores the possibility to establish Beijing as international IT R&D Hub, analyzes Beijing international IT R&D hub’s growth stages, including budding period, incubator period and development period. The paper proposes the strategy to establish Beijing international IT R&D Hub by means of building brand city, and discusses the model of Beijing brand city, business environment that is an important issue for building brand city, and the strategy of building brand city. Finally, the study analyzes the role and functions of government to establish R&D hub.


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  • Zhao Jing-Yuan
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  1. 1.School of Management of Beijing Union UniversityChina

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