Biomimetic Coatings and Their Biological Functionalization

  • Yuelian Liu
  • Ernst B. Hunziker


The biomimetic coating technique can be used to deposit layers of calcium phosphate (CaP) on medical devices to improve their osteoconductivity and osseointegration.The inorganic layer generated is akin to mineralized bone matrix and can be degraded as such. The biomimetic coating technique involves the nucleation and growth of bone-like crystals on a pretreated substrate by immersing it in a supersaturated solution of CaP under physiological conditions of temperature (37°C) and pH (7.4). The method, originally developed by Kokubo and his co-workers in 1990, has since undergone improvement and refinement by several groups of investigators. Biomimetic coatings are valuable in that they can serve as a vehicle for the slow, sustained release of osteogenic agents at the site of implantation. This attribute is rendered possible by the near-physiological conditions under which these coatings are prepared, which permits the incorporation of bioactive agents into the inorganic crystal latticework rather than their superficial adsorption on preformed layers. In addition, the biomimetic coating technique can be applied to implants of an organic as well as of a metallic nature and to those with irregular surface geometries, which is not possible using conventional methodologies.


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