Nanocrystal-Based Polymer Composites as Novel Functional Materials

  • M. StriccoliEmail author
  • M.L. Curri
  • R. Comparelli
Part of the Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology book series (LNNST, volume 5)


This chapter provides an overall picture of nanocrystal-polymer based composites and describes the key properties of these original functional materials, particularly suited for advanced applications in photonic, optoelectronic as well as in sensing. Here, we aim at pointing out the relevance of the incorporation of inorganic colloidal nanocrystals with size-dependent properties in highly processable polymers. Due to the countless different combination of material types and, accordingly, the large extent of the topic, this contribution will focalize mainly on luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals embedded in plastic structurable matrices.

First, an overview on the complex and various scenarios of the nanocomposite preparation strategies will be provided. Next, the original properties of the prepared nanocomposites will be illustrated, paying particular attention to their fabrication by means of conventional and emerging micro- and nanoscale processing techniques. Finally, recent examples of applications of nanocomposite materials in photonic, optoelectronic and sensing devices will be reviewed.


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