In this chapter, we will try to summarize the critical issues to be resolved and suggest some future research directions in the area of solid-state hydrogen storage. We will try our skills in predicting future trends, and come out with our personal assessment about the prospects of nanostructured hydrides and other nanomaterials to be used in solid-state hydrogen storage. The following discussion will be guided by observation that, as for the day we finish this book, no solution is found for onboard storage of hydrogen for future mass transportation, which we strongly believe will rely on a small, lightweight zero-emission car, being it either fuel-cell (FC) car or an FC-EV hybrid car. Subsequent is the assumption that the alternative and overlooked method of supplying hydrogen to an onboard FC should utilize an offboard recharging of hydride reservoirs or containers rather than an onboard recharging by direct pumping gaseous or liquid hydrogen at a refueling station. We briefly...


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