Structure and Properties of Perovskite Oxides

  • Tatsumi Ishihara
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Oxide groups consisting of two or more different cations are called complex or mixed oxides, and many types of structures are known that are different from those of the simple oxides. In some special cases, oxides consisting of a single cation in different oxidation states are also classified as mixed oxides. For example, Eu3O4, a mixed oxide, consists of Eu(III) and Eu(II) in 6- or 8-coordination, respectively. However, the most typical structure of a mixed oxide consists simply of two or more different cations with different oxidation states, ionic radii, and coordination numbers. This diversity, which comes from the complexity of these structures, results in a larger number of different properties as compared to those of simple oxides. One of the most well known and important complex oxide structures is the spinel structure (AB2O4), which shows important magnetic properties.


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