Axisymmetric and Related Problems

  • J. Chakrabarty
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Many physically important problems of plasticity involve solids of revolution which are loaded symmetrically about their geometrical axes. Typical examples of axially symmetrical distribution of stress and strain are provided by the expansion of circular cylindrical tubes, upsetting of cylindrical blocks, extrusion of cylindrical billets, and the axial drawing of wires and tubes. In the theoretical analysis of such problems, which involve large plastic strains, it is customary to assume the material to be rigid/plastic, for which no deformation can occur until the load attains the yield point value. The rigid/plastic assumption is adequate for the estimation of the yield point load itself, and also for the determination of stresses and strains in the plastically deforming zone during the continued loading. In this chapter, we shall deal with several examples in which the stress distribution is axially symmetrical, together with a few related problems involving three-dimensional states...


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