The Written

  • Daniel C. O’Connell
  • Sabine Kowal
Part of the Cognition and Language: A Series in Psycholinguistics book series (CALS)

Chapter Prospectus

Chapter 4, The Written, engages once again The written language bias in linguistics (Linell, 1982, 2005) on the part of mainstream psycholinguistics – this time with respect to the written itself. There are two problem areas: (1) the use of written materials as if they were the act of writing itself (the substitution of a product for a process); and (2) the assumption that written linguistic materials themselves can serve as the empirical evidence for a scientific explanation of language use as such. In fact, the written materials used in much of mainstream psycholinguistics often do not engage language use at all; written materials frequently manifest little or nothing of the settings and conditions under which they were produced, and they themselves remain inert and merely potentially meaningful until touched by the human psyche.

The chapter is also transitional in that it discusses additionally a very different sort of the written – written transcripts prepared...


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