Empirical Methods

  • Daniel C. O’Connell
  • Sabine Kowal
Part of the Cognition and Language: A Series in Psycholinguistics book series (CALS)

Chapter Prospectus

Chapter 2, Empirical Methods, is a corollary to Chapter 1 insofar as the methods of research characteristic of mainstream psycholinguistics have been largely limited to controlled, artificial, laboratory-based experimentation and quantitative analyses of findings. Field observational research involving spontaneous spoken discourse in naturalistic communicative settings has been radically neglected, and the relevance of qualitative analyses has correspondingly been downplayed.

Homo Loquens et Audiens

We have suggested at the end of Chapter 1 that modern mainstream psycholinguistics and a psychology of language use may be, in their present incarnations, irreconcilable. The rationale given for such a statement has been the basic principles, goals, and epistemology of the two approaches to language use. Currently, mainstream psycholinguistics concentrates on the language system itself, as instantiated in verbal expressions of cognitive processes. But it is our contention...


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