• Daniel C. O’Connell
  • Sabine Kowal
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Chapter 16, Turn-taking, moves us to a new level of analysis. Chapters 11 through 15 – Pauses, Prosody, Fillers, Interjections, and Referring –all have made the individual speaker somehow the focus of our considerations, even though all these variables have their place in a dialogical setting. In the long run, such an undifferentiated focus would undermine the interactive, dialogical thrust of the book as a whole; for spontaneous spoken discourse is essentially interactive. Now we turn our attention to the sequencing of speakers and listeners in dialogue. There is indeed a complex interactive sequencing in real time, involving smooth exchanges, pauses, overlaps, successful and unsuccessful interruptions, simultaneous speaking, and back-channeling. The specifics of moment-to-moment sequencing are determined by both the intentions of the interlocutors and the socio-cultural setting in which they are embedded. Methodologically, any discussion of turn-taking in the...


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