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Chapter 11, Pauses, introduces a long tradition of research on (silent or unfilled) pauses, much of it based on the concept of hesitation mentioned in Chapter 3. In such a tradition, the multi-determination of pauses, including their physiological necessity for breathing as well as their pragmatic and rhetorical functions for the communicative purposes of spoken discourse, has often been neglected. For the most part, these omissions have left only a cognitive interpretation of pauses viable in the psycholinguistic tradition; by contrast, conversation-analytic research has emphasized the communicative impact of pauses in turn-taking. There are also problems with the assessment of pauses, since perceptual rather than instrumental methods have often been used to identify them, and in many cases in which instrumental measurements have been used, a variety of cut-off points for minimal duration have been adopted. These inconsistencies in the assessment and operational...


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