This chapter introduces the terms that will be used throughout the rest of the book, which is amore formal treatment ofmany of the subjects introduced in the preceding chapters.

There is a considerable amount of inconsistency among the terminology currently used within the biometric research and industrial communities. This has been due in part to a degree of isolation in which the fields for different modalities have developed. For example, the terminology and graphs used by speech verification researchers can differ considerably from those used within the face recognition community. This leads to unnecessary confusion between people within the field, and more importantly, between the field as a whole and the general public.

The best effort to date to establish standard terminology is ISO/IEC 19795-1, Information technology - Biometric performance testing and reporting. This document grew out of previous work in the UK Biometric Working Group’s Best Practices in Test and Reporting Performance of Biometric Devices. In an effort to help further establish the standards, our definitions endeavor to be consistent with these documents.


Candidate List Equal Error Rate Biometric System Match Threshold Liveness Detection 
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