Multimodal Systems


Multimodal biometrics refers to the use of more than one source of information for biometric recognition [8, 9]. For example, a multimodal biometric system may use both iris recognition and fingerprint recognition to confirm the identity of a user. The use of multiple information sources helps to address some of the problems faced by real-world unimodal (also known as monomodal) systems, and multimodal biometrics will likely become increasingly common in future biometric deployments.

This chapter gives a brief, high-level introduction to the field of multimodal biometrics. The goals are to:
  • Motivate the use of multimodal systems by outlining the primary advantages they offer over traditional systems (Sect. 4.1).

  • Present the different approaches and modes of operation for multimodal systems (Sect. 4.2).

  • Discuss information fusion and score combination (Sect. 4.3).

  • Outline methods for the evaluation of multimodal systems (Sect. 4.4).


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