The New Zealand Mission

  • Angela Middleton
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From Contact to Entanglement

Although the Dutchman Abel Tasman skirted the New Zealand coastline in 1642, desperate for provisions, he made no landing. Tasman beat a hasty retreat to the north, heading toward Tonga and back to Batavia after an encounter with “treacherous” Maori at Murderers Bay in which four sailors were killed (Salmond 1997: 22, 1991a,b; Anderson 2001: 89). However, his name for the country persists. When James Cook explored New Zealand shores over a century later, in 1769 and returned again in 1772 and 1777, the cultural engagement between Maori and European began in earnest. Cook's expedition members included naturalist Sir Joseph Banks, botanists George and Johann Forster, and artist Sydney Parkinson, among others, leading to the beginning of a prodigious tradition of collecting, botanizing, describing, and illustrating (Salmond 1991a, 1997); this material provides a rich source for archeology and ethnographic historians, as much current work demonstrates (for...


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