Integral Transforms

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This chapter is a rich section of the book which includes information usually covered in pieces in graduate courses such as Complex Variable Theory, Integral Transforms, Partial Differential Equations, Analog and Digital Signal Processing, and Control. As stated in the Preface, one of the goals of this book is to bring all the fundamental sciences and mathematics needed for doing speaker recognition into one place with a comprehensive narrative connecting all the dots in the field. The fact that speaker recognition is greatly multi-disciplinary has been the stumbling block for the development of such a textbook. Although it is impossible to be complete, but the goal is to include all the necessary information in one place. It makes this chapter ideal for students and professionals and allows for a complete understanding of the subject. It is recommended that it be treated like any other chapter of the book and not skipped. The only reason it is included in this background chapter is to keep the higher-level flow of speaker recognition smoother, but as they say, “the Devil is in the Details.”


Power Spectral Density Discrete Cosine Transform Discrete Fourier Transform Laplace Transform Integral Transform 
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