Genetic Mapping in the Triticeae

  • Anke Lehmensiek
  • William Bovill
  • Peter Wenzl
  • Peter Langridge
  • Rudi Appels
Part of the Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models book series (PGG, volume 7)


Genetic maps are the fundamental tools to identify features of phenotypes that are linked to specific genetic loci and eventually DNA sequences or genes. The major use of genetic linkage maps has, therefore, been to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL). Genetic maps are also essential for marker-assisted selection, comparative mapping, high-resolution mapping and map-based cloning. To date, over 40 maps with at least 300 markers have been published for different Triticeae populations. The quality of genetic maps can be affected by a number of factors and map curation ensures that map quality issues are identified and, where possible, resolved. We report on the issues involved in the production of quality genetic linkage maps by inspection of marker genotype data after map construction.

A number of technologies, which have been developed to complement the genetic linkage maps of the Triticeae such as radiation induced deletion mutations, optical mapping and HAPPY mapping, are discussed. We also report on the construction of consensus maps and the issues involved in the building of these.

Genetic map quality, including the ordering of loci within linkage groups, is of great importance for robust QTL detection and a number of QTL mapping methods are discussed in relation to features of the genetic map used in the analysis. Finally, we describe high-resolution mapping, which is used to improve the confidence interval for a QTL and to obtain markers closer to the trait of interest.


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