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What Does the Future Hold?

  • Brian Everitt


Do you remember that line from a Pink Floyd number, ‘idling away the hours that make up a dull day’? I was reminded of it yesterday, an overcast, dull day in South London, nobody except the cats in the house, writing not going well, and even the music from the Virgin Classic Rockradio station failing to excite. I was about to resort to watching daytime television when I thought no, surely I’m not that desperate? Well not quite but nearly, since I did succumb to the somewhat double-edged pleasures of the Internet, and began some haphazard ‘googling’. A number of medical sites quickly convinced me that I had a variety of unpleasant and possibly lethal conditions, and that my diet and exercise regimes were incompatible with a long and healthy life. I lingered a little on the gambling sites, passed rapidly over the sites peopled with rather unattractive couples (or more) in a variety of odd positions and activities, and finally in a flash of inspiration given that I was...


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