Diastolic Dysfunction and Cardiac Failure in the Intensive Care Unit

  • J. Poelaert
  • E. Osipowska
  • C. Verborgh
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With the advent of newer technology, recognition of diastolic dysfunction has become a major feature of cardiac disease, in heart failure as in septic shock. Doppler echocardiography plays a pivotal role in the evaluation of both systolic and diastolic function. Preserved systolic function, in conjunction with diastolic dysfunction, is an early sign of cardiac failure. Therefore, early diagnosis of diastolic failure is warranted. In recent years, measurement of intra-myocardial tissue Doppler velocities and deformations of the myocardial wall have attracted the attention of many researchers. In this chapter, the most recent echocardiographic and Doppler applications, based on wave progression, pressure gradients, mitral valve leaflet and annular motion, and ventricular rotation will be discussed to give the critical care specialist a better insight into the diagnosis of diastolic dysfunction.


Mitral Valve Diastolic Dysfunction Diastolic Function Tissue Doppler Imaging Doppler Echocardiography 


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  • E. Osipowska
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  • C. Verborgh
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