BioStatistics and Microbiology: Introduction

To compete with the many books claiming to demystify statistics, to make statistics easily accessible to the “terrified,” or provide an eastern approach purporting to present statistics that do not require computation, as in the “Tao of Statistics,” is tough duty, if not utter fantasy. This book does not promise the impossible, but it will enable the reader to access and apply statistical methods that generally frustrate and intimidate the uninitiated. Statistics, like chemistry, microbiology, woodworking, or sewing, requires that the individual put some time into learning the concepts and methods. This book will present in a step-by-step manner, eliminating the greatest obstacle to the learner (not the math, by the way) applying the many processes that comprise a statistical method. Who would not be frustrated, when not only must the statistical computation be made, but an assortment of other factors, such as the α, β, and δlevels, as well as the test hypothesis, must be determined?...


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