Applications of Newton’s Laws of Motion in One Dimension

  • Jay Newman

Newton’s laws of motion are a very powerful tool that allows the study of a vast array of problems dealing with the motion of all the objects of our daily lives. Valid over an enormous range of distances, speeds, and masses, Newton’s laws only lose their predictive power in the microworld or when objects travel at extremely high speeds, much higher than we are capable of propelling ordinary objects (except in particle accelerators). In this chapter we continue our study of one-dimensional motion in three “case studies” of interesting example applications. The goal here is to see the power of Newton’s laws as well as to learn some interesting ideas about various types of motion along a single direction. We gain some valuable insights and tools so that when we generalize to study the motion of objects in the real three-dimensional world we are well prepared for that undertaking. The case studies in this chapter include motion when the net force is constant (we study the local...


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