Newton’s Laws of Motion for a Particle Moving in One Dimension

  • Jay Newman

Living cells exchange energy and matter with their surroundings. They reproduce. Often they move about. To understand such basic aspects of life, it is essential to understand how motion is related to force and how force is related to energy. Explaining these relations for an object moving in one dimension is the goal of this and the next two chapters.

Before beginning to read and master the formal discussion of motion that follows in this chapter, however, it is very useful to remind ourselves what it feels like to move at constant velocity and to accelerate. Recall how it feels to ride in a car along a straight flat highway that has recently been resurfaced. If the car’s speedometer is fixed at a constant reading you can close your eyes and not know you are moving at all, no matter how fast the speedometer says you are moving. Of course, roads aren’t straight and flat for very long stretches. You feel clues that you are moving from the little bumps and turns the car makes. Riding in...


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