Magnetic Fields

  • Jay Newman

Imagine that you are a student in a summer program at a major research institution. The training involves learning how to do different types of microscopy and you are studying a sample of bacteria under the light microscope. You notice that some of the bacteria always seem to migrate toward the same side of the microscope slide and you get curious and wonder what could be causing them to choose that direction. Remembering chemotaxis, the directed motility response to chemicals, and thinking that perhaps there is a variation in oxygen level or something of that kind, you check that the cover slip is on correctly and that there is no preferred direction. After puzzling a bit you decide to make up another slide but even then you still observe the same type of bacteria all clumped toward the same side of the microscope.

You decide to rotate the microscope around on the table and find that the bacteria always appear to clump toward the same side of the room, independent of the orientation...


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