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If one examines the course catalog of a large, contemporary, university in the United States for fields of instruction in science, one can find such titles as animal science, astronomy, atmospheric science, biochemistry, biology, botany, chemistry, computer science, geology, ecology, mathematical science, meteorology, physics, psychology, toxicology, and zoology, to name but a few. Each of these is a field of study in its own right consisting of many subtopics. On the other hand, a catalog from a U.S. college that existed in the early 19th century probably would show at most only two “sciences”: natural history (the progenitor of geology and biology) and natural philosophy (physics and chemistry). Over the years, there has been an explosion of speciation in science, resulting in what appears at first sight to be a technological Tower of Babel.

Although the factual content of the many branches of modern science may serve to differentiate one from the other,...


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