Emphasizing Urban Economic Revitalization


In the mid-1970s, the country was feeling the effects of structural changes in the economy, high unemployment, inflation, and rising energy prices. Many of the problems had been developing for a number of years. The economy was in a transition from a predominantly manufacturing base to one that had a larger share concentrated in service, communication, and high technology industries. Jobs in the manufacturing sector were declining and new jobs were growing in the new sectors of the economy. People were moving to those areas of the country where new jobs were being created, especially the south and the west. The older urban areas in the northeast and Mid-west were being affected most severely by these changes. But older central cities in all sections of the country were in decline as jobs and people migrated first to the suburbs and then to the newer urban areas where the economies were growing.

These older communities and central cities were severely distressed economically and limited...


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