If They Win, We Win

  • A. Coskun Samli

Throughout this book, we tried to reiterate the idea that ambition is a good motivator and it is within the constraints of social capitalism. Similarly, we have argued that the greed factor is an extremely negative force, since it is based on the understanding that the world economy is a zero-sum game and economic gains can come only from others’ losses. This force is also embedded in capitalism. Thus, left alone, capitalism could go in either direction. While one is very constructive, the other is totally destructive. We also posited that in the 21st century there are more opportunities and greater tendencies to go in the direction of the greed factor. Top-down globalization unchecked and unregulated, without a bottom-up globalization to balance, governments’ particular interests in helping the global industrial gigantic enterprises and choosing capitalism over democracies, allowing economic powers to accumulate indefinitely in the hands of few are all responsible for this situation....


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