Generating Wealth in Societies

  • A. Coskun Samli

Our discussion, thus far, has revolved around the key problems of the fragile planet and changes in the ways the planet needs to be managed. If there is to be a future, sustainability of the planet is the ultimate prerequisite. It is suggested that globalization within the constraints of social capitalism can provide a holistic remedy. But, in order to implement this holistic remedy, it is necessary to understand how economic activity will generate wealth and how such a process can be made to function smoothly, both within the parameters of globalization and of national economies. In order to implement the holistic remedy of proper globalization with social capitalism underpinnings, it is critical that a particular orientation is adapted and maintained. This particular orientation is based on the process of generating wealth in societies. Although the details in carrying out certain functions may differ from country to country, the basic functional ordering of the wealth-generation...


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