The Most Promising Tool is Partly the Cause

  • A. Coskun Samli
  • World Space plans to reach 200 million households in the world’s emerging markets by direct broadcast satellite.

  • NSamara will use three satellites to bring direct-to-person digital audio broadcasting to many third world markets by using digital, portable, small receivers.

  • Grameen-Phone markets cell phones to 35,000 villages in Bangladesh by hiring village women as agents who lease phone time to other villagers, one call at a time.

  • Colgate-Palmolive rolls into Indian villages with video vans that show the benefit of toothbrushing and expected to earn over half of its Indian revenue from rural areas by 2003.

  • An Indian-Australian car manufacturer created an affordable rural transport vehicle to compete with “bullock carts” rather than cars. The vehicle functions well at low speeds and carries up to two tons.

  • Fiat developed a “third world car,” the Palio that far outsells the Ford Fiesta in Brazil and that will be launched in other developing nations.

  • Corporacion GEO builds low-income...


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