A Global Ethics Stand

  • A. Coskun Samli

In Chapter 10 it is articulated that particularly the people in the lower tiers of the global economic pyramid are very susceptible to outside pressures and they have no defense mechanisms of their own. If 21st-century capitalists use their economic power to exploit the weaknesses of the people in these tiers to gain immediate economic benefits at the loss of long-term greater gains for all parties, disaster will ensue. There will be mass discontent, class wars, and deaths. Such orientation may be coined imperialism that substitutes force for freedom and does not allow healthy free markets to emerge (Paulson 2005). As Hodgson (1992) stated there is much to be accomplished and mutually gained through understanding and respect on the part of both parties and across cultural lines. One may add to this that there is also much profit opportunity to be benefited from.

Differing Opinions About Ethics

There are many different opinions about what constitutes ethical behavior. When the global...


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