Glaucoma and Driving

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Many areas of the country do not have public transportation, making the ability to drive an essential part of maintaining one’s independence. A July 2003 report issued by the Brookings Institution entitled “The Mobility Needs of Older Americans” found that increasing numbers of the elderly population are concentrated in suburban areas with no transportation options other than driving. According to the report, 56% of seniors live in suburban and rural areas, the number of miles driven by seniors increased from 12.7 miles a day in 1995 to 15.3 miles in 2001, and also seniors tend to be more receptive to transportation alternatives such as voucher and ride-sharing programs than to traditional means of public transportation.1 The 2000 US Census counted approximately 35 million people were aged 65 years and over with approximately 4 million of them being over 85 years.2 It is estimated that by 2050 the 85 years and older population will quadruple to more than 19.3 million.3


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