Insulinoma of Tail of Pancreas

  • Carol E. H. Scott-Conner
  • Basil J. Ammori
  • David Hazzan
  • Edward H. Chin
  • Barry A. Salky

Insulinomas are generally benign tumors ideally suited to laparoscopic resection. Surgical management has changed over the years. Small benign tumors of the endocrine pancreas, including insulinomas, can be enucleated if their location is separate from the main pancreatic duct. Those over 2 cm and those close to the main pancreatic duct are generally treated by resection of the distal pancreas. Such a resection may be done as a spleen-preserving operation, or may include splenectomy. This chapter explores options in surgical treatment of a 2-cm insulinoma.


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  • Basil J. Ammori
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  • David Hazzan
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  • Barry A. Salky
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