Possible Appendicitis

  • Heidi H. Richardson
  • Aytekin Oto
  • Randy D. Ernst
  • Michele McElroy
  • David Easter

Laparoscopic appendectomy was the second major laparoscopic operation adopted by many general surgeons. One obvious advantage was the exceptional ability to visualize the remainder of the abdomen, and thereby exclude other causes of right lower quadrant pain in patients with equivocal findings. Thus, laparoscopic appendectomy found early application to women of reproductive age with right lower quadrant pain.

Although some advocate leaving the normal appendix in situ when another cause for the pain was found, most surgeons remove it, reasoning that occult pathology is often found and that the patient benefi ts more from removal. It has thus been diffi cult to demonstrate that laparoscopic appendectomy has reduced the negative appendectomy rate.

As laparoscopic appendectomy found wider use, computed tomography (CT) scan improved in resolution and it became possible to use an appendiceal protocol scan to confi rm or rule out acute appendicitis. The question then arises, should a patient with equivocal symptoms have a CT scan or be taken straight to laparoscopic exploration and appendectomy. That is the issue discussed here.


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