Stalking and Homicidal Threats

  • Stephen J. Morewitz

Stalking or repeated and unwanted following, lying in wait, and other harassing and intrusive conduct first came to the public’s attention in the late 1980s (Meloy, 1998, 1999; Morewitz, 2003a,b ). This chapter analyzes the link between stalking and violence, including death threats and physical assaults.

The media’s coverage of stalking incidents involving President Ronald Reagan, David Letterman, Jodie Foster, Rebecca Schaeffer, and other public figures played an important role in transforming stalking into a recognized social problem and legal issue. Stalking, however, is not a new behavior; it has existed since ancient times. Nevertheless, it is a vague and complex social phenomenon with varying legal and subjective definitions. Because of the diverse and complex nature of stalking, institutions of social control may be limited until the stalkers’ behaviors are repeated frequently and/or they lead to crime-related physical injuries. The perceptions and beliefs of the victims,...


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