Homicidal Threats

  • Stephen J. Morewitz

Every day in the media we hear about death threats. Death threats are often made against individuals, i.e. “I am going to kill you,” and groups, organizations, industries, and countries, i.e. “Death to America.” Often these threats are accompanied by shouts, specific gestures, and other threatening behaviors.

This book proposes that people who make death threats (DTMs—death threat makers) do so in socially patterned ways. Norms and behaviors associated with demographic status (age, gender, etc.), plus socioeconomic factors help to influence the frequency and intensity of death threats and other forms of related violence. Religious and political beliefs, pregnancy, the use of alcohol and other drugs, and access to weapons may alter the ways in which death threats are made.

DTMs make their threats in an attempt to dominate and control another person by instilling terror and subordination. In some cases DTMs will assault strangers on the street having previously terrorizing them with a...


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